My days in York and Portsmouth


14/05/17: The first thing I noticed today was that everything looks so old-like. It almost feels like traveling back in time. My host family, or host mother, was indeed nice and friendly. She was a little awkward too, but I don’t blame her. We’re all new and we don’t know each other’s boundaries or personalities. I have positive hopes for this trip and I hope to learn and speak a lot of English.

15/05/17: Today Lynn helped me and Nicklas find our way to the school by bus and back again. The university and the Tutor was awesome. My trip so far is going great and me and my friends have been in the city all day looking at different stuff. I spoke with Lynn and drank tea with her and it was very satisfying to trade words with her in English.

16/05/17: Another day at the university. Fun and experiencing, but it had a lack of content based off of what the students studied. We only played like kids today, but it was all right. I bought some souvenirs for my family today and spent the day in the city once again.

17/05/17: I’m sad that the course in the university is over. I really enjoyed being there and went sightseeing in the place a lot. The architecture was astounding. I ate out today with my friends at Pizza hut which was a funny experience. I have noticed that I get tired a lot throughout the day. My brain is probably just getting filled with stuff all the time since I’m getting so tired. I also made a speech for the university which I got a lot of compliments for doing so.

18/05/17: We were at some Romanian wall today in York. It was incredible to see. Same old, same old when it comes to sightseeing and using my legs all day. Walk, walk, walk…

19/05/17: I was with the class at some huge cathedral called ‘’The Minister’’. It was very exciting and informative to learn about the place and its history. Tomorrow I’m going from York to Portsmouth.

20/05/17: I have now arrived in Portsmouth and oh my god that train ride was long.

21/05/17: Today I worked in the shoe shop for woman called ‘’I’m Wonderful’’. I met at the place at 12am and got free at 2 pm. That was a fast first day, but nice. The manager wasn’t there, so I guess that’s why I got released from work so soon.

22/05/17: It’s so boring to help woman with shoes and we’re too many staff. Today we were 4 staff in a tiny weeny little shop. Me and Tobias were just walking around like zombies most of the time, but we did help with some stuff too.

23/05/17: I talked with the staff today and served a lot of customers. I really feel like I’m improving my skills in selling and handling customers.

24/05/17: Same as yesterday. Improving my English skills. Went to the park today with my friends and ate at KFC.

25/05/17: I’m getting tired of placing shoes and helping old woman find the right shoe size, although I’m starting to learn where the different shoes are in the shop. More zombie walking today.

26/05/27: Almost finished with this boring job. It has been good to speak English, but it has also been very boring. My friends are complaining about working in Primemark I hear.