United Kingdom 2016


Sunday 15th may

I woke up with my girlfriend in Copenhagen. We went to Værløse and to see badminton, and after that I took the train to the airplane. The plane was a over 1 hour late, so arrived later to Manchester. In Manchester we took a bus to York, where we met our host family. Our host mother called Dot, and was really cute.


Monday 16th may

Monday we should attend at University of York for the first time. It was exciting to get tuition in another language, we also got a tour of the University. In the evening we met with the class in York City, where we explored the city and went on a pub, where we saw football.


Tuesday 17th may

Benjamin and I took the bus to University of York for the first time. It was easy. We had lessons to 15.45 o’ clock. We went with the class to York City, where I bought myself a new pair of shoes. I was going to run, when I came home from the collage.


Wednesday 18th may

We had the last day of school at the University for this week on Wednesday. In the evening took almost the whole class at the pub to see the Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla. Sevilla won the match 3-1.


Thursday 19th May

We could sleep late Thursday, when we first had to meet with the class at 11 o’clock in front Railway Museum in York City. Here we saw a lot of old trains. After that went whole class in the city and enjoyed themselves.


Friday 20th May

We met with the class at York Minister at 11 o’clock, where we explored the church for 1 hour, after which we were perched a tower on the church. After that we took the bus to York designer Outlet where I bought an Adidas t-shirt and a Ralph Lauren hoodie.


Saturday 21st May

Benjamin and I was wakening up by Sofus and Jeppe, and then we went to Primark in York, where we had shopped and enjoyed ourselves. Then we took the bus to the city centre where we walked around and looked at different shops.


Sunday 22nd May

Today slept Benjamin and I in long time, and then we went up to the city and went shopping again. I bought a FILA jersey for only 8 pounds. The weather was really good today, so we walked along the wall the city with the class.




Monday 23rd May

We were picked up in a taxi home by our host family, where we were taken to the University. Then we had ordinary school day. Bjarne and Lena came over to us on Monday.


Tuesday 24th May

We were picked up at the University early, since were going by bus to Whitby. It took 1.5 hour by bus. We ate fish and Chips and it tasted very nice. On the way home we were inside and see a place where Harry Potter was filmed.


Wednesday 25th May

Today was our last day of school at the University. We should therefore present our various projects to each other in English. After we had presented, we celebrated that we had finished school and took into York City.


Thursday 26th May

Today was our last day in York and we started the day visiting York Castle Museum. After that we were free to explore the city one last time before we went to Manchester


Friday 27th May

We were picked up at 11 o’clock by bus, where we went to Manchester. It took about 1.5 hours. When we got to Manchester I came upon room with Joshua at our hotel called Stay in. After that we got free time to explore the city of Manchester.


Saturday 28th May

We started with having a football museum in Manchester, which was followed by a railway museum. Then we had free time in the city to enjoy ourselves.


Sunday 29th May

Today was the last day in UK. We all looked forward to coming home to Denmark again, but it had also been a great trip. We took in the city and was home at 15, we were driven by Taxi to the airport. I was met at the airport by my girlfriend.