Monday 15

Today we were at the university getting an introduction.

We had a health and safe talk, a campus orientation and we took group photos. Then we had some tasks that we had to finish and then our day was gone.

Tuesday 16

Today we were still at the university and learned about teamwork and leadership. We had to learn about it from doing some tasks in groups. We also learned about finance in sports. In football, particular. The guy who taught us about that was Alex Gillett.

Wednesday 17

Today we were still at the school. We learned about issues in culture and society.

We heard from 2 women who were in the branch themselves. Mariana Suter and Nicola Forsdike.

In the evening, we had a communication task where we had to speak to the students at the university. That was a tough but good challenge.

After school we met the Danish ambassador in UK.

Thursday 18

Yesterday were our last day at the school. Today we had a task where we had to take pictures of certain places. We walked on the city wall. And we went to the Jorvik museum.

Friday 19

Today we had to finish the task. And then we saw the cathedral. This was our last day so I went around for my last time seeing the city of York.

I ate at home since this was my last day with my host family.