Monday 16-05-2016

Ok, we started our first day by eating breakfast with our host family, and talked about some English traditions etc.
the school started 8.30. In school time we had a presentation about intercultural work, and what we can focus on in our daily journals to our mentor, like how the English citizens are different from the Danish. We got a tour around the Derwent College, and a presentation about safety instructions. We ate lunch in the school cafeteria, which was nice.
When the time got 15.45our school day ended, then we went home to our host family and made our journal in the kitchen meanwhile we spoke with our host family, then dinner was ready. We got fried chicken with potatoes.

Tuesday 17-05-2016

School started 9.30, so we woke up 8.45, ate breakfast, with our new “family”, and went to school by walking. We met in our classroom, and started by working on our project with the intercultural subject. We were supposed to make a questionnaire about a topic that we choose together with our group. After an hour working with the intercultural subject, we had finance with Ian Money (our teacher). Here we learned about budgets. Then we had lunch and went back to work with the intercultural subject.

After school time we went to the city all of us (the class), to see the City Centre, and look at shops, see York’s population, and explore the shops. At dinner time we went home to eat with our family and speak with them during dinner. After dinner we again made our journal to the school about similarities and differences about the Danish and English culture.

Wednesday 18-05-2016

School started at 9.30, so we woke up again, at 8.45, ate breakfast with the family. After that we went to the university.  At the university we learned about this “big data” were we learned how companies could reach us best. After that, we went back to our college “Derwent college” were we ate our lunch, and later on we had I tea party, were we talk with other people, that we didn’t knew.

Later that, we went to the city, just to do some shopping, get a better view of the city.  Later that we ate dinner with our host family. After the meal, we went to our room and just relaxed.

Thursday 19-05-2016
This day we did not go to school, because it was planned that we should go to the “railway museum” in York, it was planned that we should meet with our classmates about 11 o’clock am, therefore we woke up at 9.30 o’clock am, and we ate breakfast at 9.45 o‘clock. It was not a big museum, but it was very exciting, and there was a lot of old trains, (the trains were older than 50-100 years) after we have seen the museum, we went to mac Donald’s to have some lunch.

After that we just shopped and saw some cultural things about York (like old house etc.) Mikkel and I went back to our host family to get some dinner, we later saw a film with the family.

Friday 20-05-2016

Like Thursday school wasn’t planned this day. So we instead we went to visit the York Minster, which is a huge old church, we used an hour or so, to explore the church and see the view from its tower, it was beautiful, u could see the whole City Centre. When we was done exploring the minster we again used a lot of time in the city, and there was a great atmosphere with a lot of street artist and music, a big market etc. some of us decided to visit a big outlet center just outside the City Centre, it was huge lots of stores and so on, again we ate lunch at Mc Donald’s just in the outlet center this time.

We got on the bus to get back to the City Centre and the me and Lasse walked home to our host family to eat dinner, and tell about our day and what we have seen, after dinner we spent some time in the kitchen with the family chatting with them, and when the time got late we went to our room to watch a movie before bedtime.

Saturday 21-05-2016

Like the days before wen wok up at 9.30, to eat breakfast. It was now weekend and some of us guys decided to attend the Campus Gym, we got on the bus 12 o’clock, it was luckily free for us students, when we got to the sport village we had to sign some papers about our health because it was first time we attended the gym. After 2 hours of workout, we went home.

When it was time for dinner our Host family had made a really nice meal, everybody got full and then we cleaned up the table meanwhile chatting about the education system in Denmark and England. Then we went to our room, because we were tired after a long day with workout and transportation, so we watched a movie and went to bed.

Sunday 22-05-2016

Like the days before wen wok up at 9.30, to eat breakfast. After we just lay in our beds and relaxed, until, that our classmates decided to go on that wall of York, which about 2 miles long. Later that day we went shopping, and again, we ate at Mac Donald’s. After about 3 hours of shopping we decided to split our ways. Later we ate dinner with our family. We later packed our things because, that we tomorrow will move to Derwent college.

Monday 23-05-2016
This day was a bit different. We woke up early, because we had to pack our, luggage, because this day, were we moving to “Campus.” Therefor we ate breakfast at 7:45, and after we went to the university. We had to finish our project, today, which we did. After our lessons, we had to go to our rooms, and unpack our luggage. The evening was spent on, making food, and talking with the class.

Tuesday 24-05-2016

Today we went on a trip to the fishing town called “Whitby “with a bus and Tudor as guide. The whole class and both teachers joined the trip. The trip took 1 ½ hour and everyone was tired because we left early. After the bus journey we spent 2 hours or so in the town, where we saw Captain Cooks monument, an old church and tried “fish and chips” in one of the best “fish and chips” restaurant. On the way home we went to see an old wail ray station, which was used in one of the harry potter movies, we also saw an old steam train in action.

After a long day we spent the evening doing our presentation, so we were ready the present it the next day.

Wednesday 25-05-2016

So today was the day we have to do our presentation and it went well, after the presentation we did a seminar with the rest of the class. Afterwards we made an evaluation about the journey, when we were done with that we had free from school. So again the rest of the day we spent on chatting with each other and relaxing.

Thursday 26-05-2016

Today, we had an off day, from the university. Therefor we went to a museum who showed ohow thing were, in York back in the days. After the museum, we went shopping. After shopping, we had to prepare for our lounge with our host family, therefor we had to get in our fine clothes. At the lounge, did we get dinner. At last we were playing a game with our host family.

Friday 27-05-2016
Today we had to leave the “Campus” because we were now heading to Manchester. After the long bus journey (about 2 hours) were we finally in Manchester. We were their 12 o’clock, but we could first get or rooms at 15 o’clock. So we went to the inner city of Manchester. After we were there, was we heading back home to our hotel. Later that day, we ate at a Chinese restaurant. After that, we went back to the hotel. At the night we saw a movie.

Saturday 28-05-2016

Today we ate breakfast in the hotels lounge, and later that day we started off with visiting a museum of national football, it was exciting with a lot of history including, after the museum trip we had 2 hours to do our shopping until we then had to visit another museum, which had subject like science and industry included. After this museum we went to china town in inner Manchester and found a restaurant. After the dinner, we went home to the restaurant to watch the champions league final.

Sunday 29-05-2016

Today we had to eat breakfast before 11 o’clock and then we had some hours to visit the shops before we headed to the airport by taxis, when we arrived to the airport we checked our luggage in and went through the security checks.