Journal from York

Sunday 15. May:

The first day we went to the airport at 15:00 where we should meet the rest of the class, we was with the airplane 17:15 o’clock, when we came to Manchester were we was picked up by a bus and droved to university of York, when we was getting to York our host family was waiting for us.

Monday 16. May:

The first day we was in York, I got up at 07:30 me and Johan was eating breakfast and so we was taking the bus with our host mom called Dot, it´s almost took us an hour to get in school, the first day in the school was just going with information and an tour around the school.

Tuesday 17. May:

The second day we went at the school was we talking about culture and after the day was we going to the city for watching the stores and celebrating two from our class.

Wednesday 18. May:

Wednesday we went to the management school where we was seeing the law school and we had lessons about the business, we went back to the college that we was connected to, and there we should be an part of an cultural tea party, where we was showing how our culture is.

Thursday 19. May:

We did not went to school we was in York city for watching the railway museum, after that we went with the mini train to the centre city and we just had the rest of the day of to go around in the city.

Friday 20. May:

We went to the York minister for seeing the church we had a coble of hour and when the clock was 12:00 we went to the big tower to watch over the city, after that we just had some free time like the last day.

Monday 23. May:

It was that day we was leaving our host family where took an taxi to the school with our bags after that we went to school were we was talking about how an presentation is going good and what you need to do to make it better, after lessons we went franklin house were we should live until Friday.

Tuesday 24. May:

We went to Whitby were we was watching the city, and eating dinner with the class we was eating fish and chips.


Wednesday 25. May:

We was giving presentations for the class were we should do those things we had learned from the other day, after one presentation we hold an seminar to talk about the topic in the presentation.

Thursday 26. May:

We went to the castle museum were we was getting an assignment about the museum so the next there is coming to York from the school have something to do, in the evening was there a goodbye party for our host families and us.

Friday 27. May:

we went with bus to Manchester for the last two days, we was just going around in the city and in the evening, we was eating dinner together at an restaurant.

Saturday 28. May:

We went to the national football museum after that we had some free time to eat some food and so we should meet at the museum of science and industry, in the evening we went out in China town for dinner.

And that was pretty much our trip to York and Manchester.