Spanien, San Sebastian d. 12 - 25 november 2023

As a part of my education, my class went to Spain to visit a Spanish machinist school.

We where there for two weeks collaborating on a project. The project was to develop and fabricate toys that where fun to play with, but also educational. It was a fun project to be a part of, and it was interesting to see the differences in the education from Denmark to Spain.

In Spain they finish the education in 2 years, and their classification is on level higher than ours will be, when we finish our Danish 4 year education. In Denmark you can start your education as a machinist when you have finished 9th grade (approximately 15 years old)

In Spain you can start educating yourself as a machinist when you finished regular school. In Spain you finish school when you are 18 years old. You can exit school and start training as a machinist, but then the education will be 4 years just like ours in Denmark.

The salary in Spain is much lower than it is in Denmark. A trained newly educated machinist usually makes 22.000 DKK. in Denmark we usually start at 37.000 DKK