Sunday the 29th of October
I arrived at the airport at 8:30 in the morning, I arrived early so I was sure I wouldn’t get delayed. At 9:30 I met up with everyone else in terminal 3 at the airport and I checked in my luggage, and went through security check. After getting through security I went to starbucks with Chris and Christian, and sat down until we had to board the plane. At about 11:30 uk time we landed in Birmingham airport, and I went and got my luggage. When I got my luggage, I went out the airport. When everyone was together we walked for five minutes until we got to our bus, and dropped our luggage in the trailer. We then drove for about two hours and we then arrived at the Portland college where we were going to stay for the trip. When we got settled we all went with Katie down to the town square, and got something to eat, and then we went back to Portland college and went to sleep.

Monday the 30th of October
I woke up late and barely got to the bus in time, but luckily my classmates was buying weekcards for the bus, so I just made it and got to school in time. When we arrived at the school we were met by Kadru, our contact for when we were at the school, and we were taken to a room where we could introduce ourselves, and listen to what we were going to do during the trip. When we were done being introduced, we were met by one of the students from the school who took us on a trip around the school so we could get to learn the facilities. After the tour we went and had a mathclass, with some of the English students. Our last class of the day was about building weaponized Lego mindstorm robots with a dinosaur theme. After school some of us went to Sainsbury to shop for food, and went back to Portland college to cook, and then I went to sleep.

Tuesday the 31st of October
I woke up in time today, and went to school at 8:45. When I arrived at the school we had a English class, and were going to analyze articles in different newspapers to see how they write similar articles differently. After a short break we went up and introduced ourselves to the English students. The last class we went to build ethernet cables with the English students, and at 3:00 some of us went down and watched a Halloween show that the English students had made. After school I went back to Portland college, ordered some food and went to bed.

Wednesday the 1st of November
Today we were going to old Trafford, the stadium for Manchester united. We had to wake up early and go to the school so we could get to Manchester in time, the bus ride took about 2 hours, and when we got there we got a guided tour around the stadium and the locker rooms. After the guided tour we went to a arcade game club filled with old arcade game machines, and we were there for three hours playing all sorts of games. When we got back to the school in the evening around 7:00 I went back to Portland college, ordered food and went to bed.

Thursday the 2nd of November
Today we had the day off, so I used today to relax and hang out with Thomas, Mads, Chris and Christian.
In the evening we ordered food and I went to sleep.
Jesper Bo Hansen

Friday the 3rd of November
Today we met with Maxine who introduced us to our assignment about employment. We had to start on something called a skills health check. We did this so it could tell us our strong sides and our weak sides, and what we like doing. After school we went to go meet Tore at his and Katie’s hotel. We had tea and different kinds of cake and a pint. After meeting with Tore I went back to Portland college and went to sleep.

Saturday the 4th of November
Today we all went to Nottingham to see the caves, which were very interesting. After seeing the caves we went to the national museum of justice, where we learned about their prison system back in the old days.
After being at the museum some of us wanted to go to ye olde trip to Jerusalem, the oldest inn in England, but it was packed so we settled for another inn, and got something to eat and drink. After being at the inn I went out shopping with Chris and Mads. When we got back to Portland college I went to bed.

Sunday the 5th of November
We met with Tore at the Talbot, a local pub, to drink some beers, before going to the bonfire. Before we left the pub, Katie came and said goodbye to all of us, because she was going home in the morning. When we got to the bonfire we decided not to go see it since it was kind of expensive. So I went with Mads and Phillip and got some mcDonalds.

Monday the 6th of November
Today we continued our employability project, and we continued doing this until lunch. After lunch we were asked to help the students with their Lego project.
The English kids were very nice, and made me feel like a part of the project for the short time we were helping them.

Tuesday the 7th of November
Today we went on a business tour at project knowhow which is a warehouse/repaircenter for Currys PC world. It was very fascinating seeing the big shelves filled with millions of pounds worth of stuff, and seeing how they worked. The employees were in all ages all from 18 and up. We had our phones confiscated, for security reasons and had to wear reflex vests.

Wednesday the 8th of November
Today we were seeing the vr room at the school and got to play some games, before we went up and continued our employability project. After school I went to the big tesco to get some snacks and some food. When I got back to Portland college I ate my food, but I still felt hungry so I ordered pizza with some of the others.
Jesper Bo Hansen

Thursday the 9th of November
Today was our last day at the school so we were presenting our employability project to Trudy and Kadri. When we had presented, we went and got to disassemble and assemble some computers, it was quite funny. At the end of the schoolday we said goodbye to the teachers and went back to Portland. In the evening we met up with the rest of the class to eat at refined dining, the school’s restaurant, which was run by the students.

Friday the 10th of November
Today was our last day in England, so I used it to pack up my stuff, and get everything ready for leaving in the morning the next day. I did not sleep at all the night to Saturday, because I had a challenge with Mads, which I won.

Saturday the 11th of November
Today we left Portland college at 6:00 in the morning. When we arrived at the airport I walked around with some of the guys, got something to eat, and then we boarded the plane and was in Denmark at 12:40 Danish time. Then I said goodbye, and went home.