Diary from England Markus M Nielsen


Day one. Sunday

Oh damn, the trip to England has finally come, I am very excited.

We are going to fly for an hour and then sit in a bus for 2 hours, so the clock is around 10 or 11 before we get home, we are staying at Glen and Eileen’s house, it is super gorgeous and very comfy.

Me and my friend tor is very tired after the trip and are going to bed very quick.


Day two. Monday

The first day of the course, I am very excited for how it is going to be, me and tor is being driven to the university by Eileen, when we get there we are met by a nice man named Tudor who is also our tutor, he shows us all the classroom and gives us a little “York care package” with a map over the university, name tags and other informations, later that day he showed us around campus and we saw people smoking at the no smoking sign, people just after my mind, when we got home from uni, me and some friends went out to get a look of the area we are living in, after that, we went to bed.


Day three. Tuesday

The second day of the course was tight (red: slang for super duper awesome)

Tudor had made a very amazing class about teambuilding and working together and he really made people bond and get a bit closer, when the day was over me and some friends went into York town to get some good food, the stupid of us went to pizza hut, and the smarter of us went to subway, (I was one of the smarter ones) when we had finished eating, we went home.


Day four. Wednesday

The third day of the course was very relaxed, we heard a lot of people talking about different stuff both football and economy and stuff about marketing, when we got home we got some very nice food with Glen and Eileen and me and some buddies went to a kiosk to get some snacks, when I got home, I watched the life of pi, wich I had borrowed from Glen and Eileen.


Day five. Thursday

Today we was not going to the uni, instead we went to the city to walk the wall, and visit the yorvik vikingcenter we then had some spare time to do some tasks we had been given by the teachers, it was very nice and we finished a lot already, and the rest will be finished tomorrow

When we where finished we went home, and we was only home for about an hour before we had to go to the university for our end of course reception, we got some nice food, one of my good friends hold a very lovely speech, and me and a buddy had prepared a kahoot for the host families to play, about Danish culture, I would say today was very successful.


Day five. Friday

Today we have been visiting the York cathedral and listening to all the info about how long it takes to clean the class and everything, when we finished at the cathedral, me and some of my friends went out in town to have a look around the city, we visited the city market and went to a café, later in the evening we went to cosmos to eat, we paid 18,85 pound to eat as much as we could and drink as much as we could and one of my good friends ate a little squid, he said It tasted terrible, when it was time to go home me and two friends decided to go home and pack and then go to our friends house and sleep for the night.


Day six. Saturday

We had to get up at six in the morning and go to the station so we could travel from York to Portsmouth, my friends host family drove us to the station and we said thank you and goodbye, we then stood in front of a six hour travel, we spend the time in train talking and sleeping, when we got to Portsmouth we got off the train too early and had to wait for the taxis to get there, when we got to our new host family we got a tour around the house, it was very lovely, we were pretty tired from the travel so we went out in town and ate at subways, we the went home and went to bed.


Day seven. Sunday

Last day before work, we just enjoyed ourselves and went out to meet our friends, we drank some cola and ate some food and went to the park, we walked around town and explored and then went home to sleep.


Day eight. Monday

First day of work, we got op at six and got ready, we took the bus into town to meet the lady who was to show us where we had to be, when we got there the girls was late, so we got some time to get some breakfast at subway, when we finished and went back to the meeting place, the girls also arrived, we was then showed around Primark and got assigned our working sections, me and Nicklas was in the kids department, making sure everything looked good, we went to break and ate at Burgerking, we then proceeded to work until five and then we went out to meet our friends before heading home to sleep.


Day nine. Tuesday

We got up at six again not wanting to go to work, today I was assigned to the home decor apartment and I was working with Jordan, a very chill guy, we ate at subway for lunch and went back to work, when we got off we was too tired to do anything so we just went home and ate with our host family, we got sausage and chips, as they call fries over there, we then proceeded to our room where we watched some tv before going to sleep.


Day ten. Wednesday

We got up at six again and went to work, we are super tired, I was working at the home decor with Jordan again, we went to eat at subway again, today we got off at 3 because we had to go to a school thing with the class at IBD, after that we went to the beach and had some fun, we then went in to the city to buy some snacks and went home, we saw some tv and then went to bed.


Day eleven. Thursday

 We got up at six, went to work, ate subway for breakfast and worked until 3, we then went to the park with some friends, we ate at subway for dinner and then went home to sleep, I am very tired and cant wait to go back to Denmark again.


Day twelve. Friday


Today we didn’t have to go to work, because we had to go to the IBD center, to get a diploma, after that we went out to the park and had some fun, we then tent to KFC to eat and then went home to pack.


Day thirteen. Saturday

We got up at six, took a cab to the station and started our long journey back to Denmark, first we took a bus, then a train and then the flight, when we got home I drove back with my friend, I ate at my mamas house, went to my grandparents with a gift and then I went home and watched some Netflix.


All in all a nice trip, the ladies over there was not good to look at but it was fun and I survived.