Trip to York

Day 1 – d. 16-05-2016

When we arrived at school, we meet a teacher called Tudor. He is a very energetic person if you can say so. He was our teacher for the most of the day and learned us about intellectual culture. It is about understanding a different culture. It was also about which norms and values there is in the culture. We also got a tour around the most of the school, or at least of the places that we are going to be. When we were of school, my roomie and I went home and eat some food and later on, we went to the city with some friends to explore.

Day 2 – d. 17-05-2016

My roomie and I, took the bus alone too school, this morning. We went straight for the classroom, because yesterday we got a guided tour around the school. Then Tudor stepped into the class, showed us, a prize about intellectual culture, and then gave us some tasks. The tasks were about a Swedish company and a man for Venezuela and about how these two cultures collides. The case is that the man from Venezuela wants to get a deal quick fast and make some money and the Swedish company wants to take it slow to make sure that everything is in order. In some of the later lessons, we had finances with a teacher called “Ian Money”. The problem with this lessons is just, that all we talk about here was something we have had earlier in some of own lessons back home in Denmark in our subject “virksomhedsøkonomi”. Nevertheless, it was fun to have this subject in another language. Today after school we went to the city again but this time, the shops were open and there were way more people than yesterday. Then after a couple hours, we went home to relax and make some homework.

Day 3 – d. 18-05-2016

We meet up in Derwent reception, when all of us were there we, went to another collage with a bus for 5 min. We went to the Law and management school, and there we had a lesson, which deal with marketing. Then we had a lesson about the York history and which things we should go see. Then we went back to Derwent collage, for our intercultural meeting. There my class and I presented our power point about life in Denmark. Then we sat down in circles with students from around the world and talk about school and life in Denmark and life in their countries. At the end we hand out our questionnaire about welfare for students. Later we are going to analyse these data to another presentation.

Day 4 – d. 19-05-2016

Today we were of school and went to the National Railway Museum. In there, there was around nine trains from different decades. After we had seen all the trains and walk around a little we were off to do whatever we wanted. The boys and I went by bus to the York designer outlet were there were some shops and there I bought some cloth. Then after a couple hours, we went home to relax.



Day 5 – d. 20-05-2016

Today we went to see the York Minister, and looked around inside the minister and got a lot of now cultural knowledge about that past of York. In addition, something related to the Vikings that is also, what you could expect when York is an Old Danish Viking capital. After we had seen the most of the minister a friend and I went to the underground of the minister, were you could see some of the treasures from old time. At 12:15 we was allowed to go, to the top of the central tower, from here you could see the most of the city. Moreover, after this we were of and could go to the city. Here we went to the York designer outlet again because some of my friends wanted to go there. After we had spent a couple hours there, we went home again and eat some food, and relaxed.

Day 6 – d. 21-05-2016

Today we woke up at 7:40 because we needed to be out the house at 9:30 because some electricians came to fix some lights in the kitchen, and we could first come back to the house at 5 pm. So my and me roommate needed to kill 8 hours before we could go back to the house. We did not know where to go so in the last moment we texted some of our classmates that lives nearby and asked if we could go to them. Luckily, we could or else we was forced to walk around the city in 8 hours. Therefore, when we were at them we decided to go to Primark, but the cloth there was there was not my still. We walked around there for some hours and check out some of the other shops, but it was not of my taste. Moreover, later we went to the city centre again and walk there for some time, but then it began to rain and therefore we went to my friend’s house and was there until we could get into the house again. The rest of the evening, we just relaxed as we have done all the evenings.

Day 7 – d. 22-05-2016

Today we woke up eat some breakfast and went to the city as usually. Today my classmates and I decided to walk the wall the surrounds the city of York. However, after we had walked a bit, we had to go down, and up again because not the entire wall is intact, but here we could not find the next part so we walk back to the city. This was one of the days were we did not do that much because we have already seen the most of the city. Moreover, we went back to the city eat some food and went to some shops to see or buy some cloths.

Day 8 – d. 23-05-2016

Today was the day we were moving to the University of Yok to live there for the last time we are in York. My host family and another host family ordered a taxi that drove us to the Derwent reception. We should here deliver our suitcases, and then we had lessons until 3:30 pm. After here, we were given our rooms at the Franklin house. Then we went out to be some food because all we were supplied with was breakfast at the university and everything else we need to be ourselves. Then we eat our ready meal and relaxed with the other people from me class because know we are all together.

Day 9 – d. 24-05-2016

Today we should on a trip to Whitby, the point with the trip was of course to see the town but another purpose was to taste the fish and chips at a place called The Magpie´s café. Then we went up to the Abby church and looked at the ruins that is left, after king Henrik the 8, took all the money from the church so they could not maintain it. After we had seen the church, we were off to whatever we wanted in Whitby. After we had walk around the town for an hour or so, we walked back to the bus, and drove to a train station to see a steam-train. They told us that on this train station a part the first Harry Potter movie. After this, we went home and eat some dinner, and relaxed.

Day 10 – d. 25-05-2016

Today we should present our questionnaires and what the result was. After the presentation we made the room into a seminar were we asked our questions, which were about our own topic, then the rest of the class, should discuss the question. Moreover, when all the groups were done we were asked to fill out some questions about our stay at the host family and the course at the school. Then we were of, school then my friends and I went down to the gym and worked out. After the gym, we went back, eat some dinner, and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Day 11 – d. 26-05-2016

Today we went to the York castle museum, were we saw example shapes of bodies though out time. We in the museum they had thing from different decades, there was something from very old time and there was something from the 60’s with the Beatles. After this, we went to town for one last time because someone wanted to buy something, then we went home and prepared us for the reception tea party where our host families were coming to eat some food with us and for the reception tea party, in the class, we had prepared a speech and a quiz about Denmark. After this, we went back to the franklin house and relaxed and hold a Rap Battle, were I lost in the first round. After this people one by one went to be until we were about 7-8 people left. Then we decided to make and Pandora’s box (you right and anonymous question and put it in the box and one pull a question out of the box and the one the question is for answer it). When we then were finished with this, my roommate and I went back to our room and talk some time and then went to bed at around 2:30 pm.

Day 12 – d. 27-05-2016

Today we went to Manchester to live on “Stay Inn Hotel”. We arrived around 12:30 but we could first get our rooms at 14:30 pm. Therefore, in the meantime we went out to see the city and went into some shopping centres. After we had seen, some of the city we went back to get our rooms and went back to the city afterwards. Then we got together all of us and went to an restaurant for something to eat and after the food we went for a little walk in the city and then home to bed.

Day 13 – d. 28-05-2016

Today we as usually got up nine o´clock and went for some breakfast, after this we went back to the city again and this time there were a lot more people than yesterday. Today we also went to check out some of the other shopping centres, we went to a very expensive shipping centre were a t-shirt costed like 550 pound. After we had looked at these different centres, we went out with our class to eat at a restaurant again. This time we went to the part of the city called China town were we got some Chines food. After this, we went home to watch some football.



Day 14 – d. 29-05-2016

Today we got up packed our stuff and dragged our suitcases downstairs, in a looked room because, we could not be at our room for later than eleven o´clock and the taxi drivers were ordered to 15 o´clock so we went back to the city one last time. We did it so we could kill some time, not just sit at the hotel, and wait. Then the taxi drivers arrived and drove us to the airport, and we checked our bags in and waited for the flight.