Jeannie Pedersen 11ERASMUS + Logbook.

Week 43.
Sunday October 29.
We met at the Copenhagen terminal 3 at 9:30 and checked ind our bags. After that we had a couple of hours, before the plane departed. So a couple of us spend the time at the Starbucks. Talking about the trip. Finally it was time to boarding and we went out to the plain. Personally I don`t like flying or airports. But this was a chance in a life time, so I manage the airport and flying. The flight was okay, even we had some turbulence. After a couple of hours we arrived at Birmingham airport and got through security, found our luggage and came out of the airport. Here we were suppose to met our bus driver, but he was no where to be found, so we spend some time outside the airport, before we finally found him and could continue our journey. Finally we arrive at Portland College and got our rooms. The rooms was okay, even they were very warm, almost too warm. It was evening now and after a long day, with almost no food, we were pretty hungry, so we walked the 3.5km into Mansfiels, to find a place to eat. Here we found an Italian restaurant, were we got something to eat. I am vegetarian and was suprised how much vegetarian food the English restaurants have. It was on the menu pointed out with a green V for vegetarian and and a red V for vegan. After a good meal, we went back to Portland College to get some sleep. It had been a LONG day.

Week 44.
Monday October 30.
God morning. We could get breakfast every morning from 7 o`clock, so a couple of us went to eat. But for me there was not much to eat, because I`m lactose and fruit intolerant, so only got 2 cups of coffee. Some of us decided to walk to school, it was around 2.4km and a good little morning walk. At the school we met with our Danish teacher Katie and the rest of our group. Then we went to another building, where we got an introduction about the school and the program. We also saw a video about the school. Then we got our visiting card, and we had to wear them every day at school.A student came by and showed us around. It is a really BIG school. After the tour we went to see and attend a math class and a computer science class. There classes are so much different from ours. There math teacher was really awesome, his way of teaching was more fun and he made better ways to remember boring math.At lunch we went to a store called Tesco, to buy some food. But it wasn’t very interesting. Rest of the school day we had computer Science and followed the English class, in there day. There days are SO much different from ours and it took some time to get use to. After school I went back to Portland, got something to eat and went to bed. It was a long day with a lot of impressions.

Tuesday October 31.
Got up early to take a bath, or at least I tried to, because there was no water pressure. But got a bath and after that I eat breakfast. Have bought oatmeal, coffee and sugar. So I could get a good breakfast every morning. Then some of us walked to school. At school we met with rest of the group and went to our first class, which was English. It was a great lesson, with a good teacher. We talked a lot and discuss different English news papers. A group of English students also came by and talked to us. It was great. Then we had a lunch break. Where I tried to get some food from the cafeteria, but there was SO many students and I have a problem with a lot of people, in “small”spaces. Next class we had to introduce our self, to the English class. Here I just couldn`t take it any more. To many people and to much impressions in a short time. It was to much for me, so broke down crying and left the class. After class I had a long talk with Katie, also got some food. The school is VERY big, with a lot of students and that was to much for me. So went back to Portland, to get some peace and quiet. Later I went in to Mansfield, to met with Katie and a coupe of the other students. Here we went out eating and ended up at Pizza Hut. Here I got a really great vegetarian pizza. After dinner we went back to Portland and went to sleep.

Wednesday November 1.
The day started early with breakfast and then we were going to Manchester to see Manchester United and Arcade Club. Some of us walked to school, it’s a great little walk, to wake up and get some fresh air. Only downside was the cars, that was driving very fast and was very noisy. At school we met with the rest of the group and the English students. We were driving in a bus to Manchester, a long 2 hours drive. But it was trough beautiful English country. Around 11 o`clock we arrived at Manchester United. Here we got a trip around the stadium, with a tour guide. Even I`m not a football fan, it was quite fascinating to see, how everything works. After that we went back to the bus and drove around 20 min to Arcade Club. At first it just looked like an abandon building, but it was so much more than that. It was a building with a floor filed with old and new gaming machine. It was quite fun and fascinating. I played time Crisis a game I use to play on my playstation. And I was quite good at it. After a couple of hours there, we went back to the bus and drove home. In the evening a couple of us went out eating with katie. After dinner we walked the long way back to Portland. Filed up with good food. Its been a long and interesting day

Thursday November 2.
Today we had the day off, so a couple of us took the bus to Nottingham with Katie. In Nottingham we visit The Forbidden Planet, where I bought some Christmas presents for my daughters. Then we visit an old inn – I should be the Oldest Inn in England. It was a very old place, but also an interesting place. Here we had lunch, the other had fish and chips, I tried a vegetarian burger and it was really bad. A strange thing was also that, most eating places didn`t have normal soda (Soft drinks) except coca cola. So most time I could only get water. After lunch we visit a big shopping center. Its fun to see new places and watch how everything is different there. We also visit a huge book store, that had 4 floors and a cafeteria. Here I bought some books, one for me and one for my oldest daughter. She loves reading English books. Around 5 o`clock we took the bus back to Portland. The English bus driver was general crazy or there driving was crazy. Happy nothing happened. At Portland I wanted to wash some clothe, but a new staff member, just took my cloth out of the washing machine, even it wasn`t finish. So we had a discussion and some misunderstanding. But in the end we figured things out and the clothe was washed. Generally it was a long and good day, with a lot of new impression.

Friday November 3.
Today we was first going to met at school at 11:30 am. So I went for a run in the forest, that lays around the school. It was a great 5 km run. I love to exercise and I love some time on my own. After the run and shower, we took the bus to school. Here we went to a computer classroom, where a teacher gave us a lot of information and we did a test about what animal we were. I was quite fun. We also tried to do an interview for a job, where some of us was employees and one was the one applying for the job. After that we got a project, that we had to work un until Thursday and then present for the whole class. It was a project about our cv and an application to a computer job, and an interview for the job. After school we all went to katie`s hotel, where Tore has arrived. Here we had afternoon tea and cake. It was quite cozy. When we was finished, me and Simon went to Tesco to shop some food and then we took the bus back to Portland. We were tired and need some time off. I made some coffee and relaxed by the computer, before it was time to sleep.

Saturday November 4.
Today the whole group went to Nottingham. Here we saw some of the caves, that lies under Nottingham. It was a guided tour and really interesting. The guide was good at telling about them, how they were made and what they have been used for and how old they are. There should be around 700 caves under Nottingham, and some of them are dated back to the year 1200 and were used to live in and work in. Under the first and second world war they were used as shelter. Because they are made of limestone, they can absorbed the shook impact from a grenade and doesn’t hurt the people inside. After that we went to The National Justice Museum, which also was a really interesting place. We spend some time investigating on our own, before we should se an almost hanging. It was a play about a woman that they clamed had killed her baby and now was going to hang for it. But there wasn`t any trapdoor in the gallon, so she was lucky and didn`t got hang that day. When that was over, we went to The Castle Pub and got something to eat. It was a really great place. Then it was shopping time. Here we went back to the book store, where I gat a big cup of coffee. We also visit a sport store, where I bought a gift for my daughter. I was a really long day at Nottingham and I spend the evening in my room with the computer. Before it was time for bed.

Sunday November 5.
Today we had most of the day, to our own disposal. So I sleep most of the day. Was tired after a whole week of new impression and learning so many new things. So just relaxed and taking it slowly, until 4 o`clock pm, were I met with rest of the group and we was going to see the bonfire and Guy Fawkes. We met outside a pub and went to the stadium in Mansfield, where it was suppose to be. But we were too early and it cost 6 pound. So we decided to go out eating instead. We went to a Mexican restaurant and here the food was really good. I love the English vegetarian food. After eating we walked back to Portland, watching the firework on our way. In England they celebrate the Guy Fawkes night and its like a mix of out “Sankt Hans” and New Year. With a bonfire and firework. Its something about a man and his bandits tried to kill the king and failed. So they celebrate that the king James I survived. At Portland I relaxed with my computer and then went to bed.

Week 45.
Monday November 6.
It was a beautiful morning and I walked to school, where I met with the rest of the group. Here we first had a couple of hours, where we worked on our project. I made a homepage where I put my cv and application in. That we were allowed to do. At lunch I and a friend from the group went to the Diner, to get something to eat. After lunch we met with the English students and watch them work on there Lego Minestone project. They were going to build small robots, that they could put into battle with each other. I have never seen Lego Minestone being used before, so it was quite interesting to watch. Wish we had that too. Because it puts ideas, programming and things physical together. So you can see things work, and they have to be creative too. After school a couple of us went to Saintsburg to shop. It’s a big shopping mall. Then I walked back to Portland, to relax with my computer, before it was time to bed.

Tuesday November 7.
Today I got up early and went for a little run, before school time.I walked to school with a some of the other from the group.In school we first worked on our project, for a couple of hours. Then it was time to go on a field trip to PC World. It was a really great trip and a quite impressive place. It’s a place where they store and sell electronic stuff. We saw a massive warehouse and how they handle things that comes in and out. How trucks moves the things around and how they keep track of all the stuff they have. And there were a LOT of electronic stuff. We also saw there repair shop and that was the most interesting part. Where they get broken computers and cellphone in and tries to repair them. It almost felt like home The whole factory is massive, with several buildings and warehouses, big warehouses. We were told that PC World is a very big company in England and Ireland. It was a really great trip and interesting to see and hear about. In the evening, some of us went out eating at Pizza Hut, I love that place. Good food and great service. After eating we went back to Portland and I went to bed.

Week 45.
Wednesday November 8.
Today at school we tried there VR-Set up, or some of the guys did. I only watch them playing around. It was fun to watch. They had an entire room, just fore there VR-Set up and could work on different computer games and projects with it. It was quite amazing. We were in there for about a hour, then we went back to “our” classroom and worked on and finished our projects for tomorrow. I finished working on my homepage. I love making homepages and think it`s easy. After school some of went to Tesco, to get some food for the evening. Then we walked back to Portland, where I washed some clothes and just relaxed, with my computer. Must admit I am looking forward to getting home. Its been REALLY interesting being here and learning SO much, but now I am filled up and looking forward to getting back home to Denmark and my girls. Went to bed early, so I could be fresh to tomorrow. Goodnight!

Thursday November 9.
Today we had last day at the school. We had to present our projects and I showed my homepage, which they liked very much. I always get very nervous, when I have to talk in front of others and then in English too, but it went very well After the presentation, we went to another computer room, where we should dissemble a computer and put it back together again. I was fun and my first time trying it on a desktop computer, have only tried it on a laptop. It is so much easier on a desktop computer and was fun trying. After school some of us went out shopping. I needed to buy the last couple of gifts, for my girls. In the evening we were going out eating at the Refined Diner at the school. That was the only time the other saw me in a dress. I normally wear black pants and a shirt. But tonight I had promise them to wear a nice dress. We met at the restaurant at 7 o`clock pm and went in to the restaurant and found our seat. I was going to have vegetarian food and it was really good and delicious. New food I haven`t tried before and I loved it. After dinner I went back to Portland and tried to get packed. Which wasn`t easy because I have to much things to bring home. My suitcase was to small. I also relaxed a little with the computer, before I went to bed.

Friday November 10.
Today I going to get a haircut at school, as they also have a hair saloon, where students cut peoples hair. The girl who cut my hair, was a girl from Finland also on a student trip and she also lived on Portland College  I was her first time cutting long hair to short, but she did a very good job and I love my new hair. After that I went to Sherwood Forest with our teacher. We both wanted to se theSherwood Forest before we were going back to Denmark. So we took the bus to the forest. Here we saw the church, that the say Robin Hood and Lady Marian got married in. Unfortunally it was closed to see inside, but we saw it outside and its big and beautiful. We also saw a 900 year old Oak tree, that they saw Robin Hood and his men lived by. The tree was very old and needed help to stay up, but still a big and beautiful old tree. We also went for a walk around the forest, a beautiful English forest.One thing I have notice in England, is that they have so many grey squirrel and they are not scared of people. One the bus trip we also saw an old and closed mine. It was a very big old building. It was standing as an old reminder of, what the city was living at before the big college and university came to town. In the evening a couple of us went out eating. A last time eating in Mansfield, we went to the same Italian restaurant, we eat at the first evening in Mansfield. After that we walked back to Portland, to pack and be ready to go home tomorrow.One of the other guys took some of my things in there suitcase, so I could have everything with me back home.

Saturday November 11.
The alarm clock went of at 5 o`clock. Today we were going back to Denmark. A bus came and picked us up at 6 am and drove us to Birmingham Airport, where we were going to fly from to Denmark. After we checked in our suitcases, we had a couple of hours at the airport, before it was tie for boarding. So Simon and I went to at restaurant to get some breakfast. Finally it was time to board the plane, which was a really tiny plane and I didn`t like it. First I hate flying and small places trigger my claustrophobia, but I manage it. The flight was after all only a couple of hours and soon we were back in Denmark. We went through security, found our suitcase and went out to met our friends and family. My girls were waiting for me and it was really good to see them again Its been to long and very interesting weeks. Experience SO much, learning and seeing so many new things. I am glad trying it, but will not do it again. I am happy living in Denmark, even it also have its problems. We can take an education for free and even gets money for it. In England they have to pay for it, after the age of 19. Thanks for letting me trying this