Allikelund Gymnasium trip to University of York.


Sunday 15th May 2016

We were to meet at 3pm in CPH Airport. The scheduled departure was at 4:35pm but it was delayed about 30 minutes. The flight lasted 2 hours, so we landed in Manchester at approximately 6pm. We were going by bus from Manchester to York. At the University of York, Nadja and I met our host family and we went home to them to get dinner and some sleep.


Monday 16th May 2016

Nadja and I woke up at 7am and we ate breakfast at 7:30am. The son in our host family had birthday, but we did not celebrate his birthday like we often do in Denmark. We left the house at 8 am and we walked to university with our host mother. Our ‘classroom’ were at the Derwent College in Heslington West. At the university we got an introduction to our programme by Tudor and Helena. We also got an introduction to the IT by Huw and to the safety and health. We got a tour of the Derwent college and a campus orientation by Rowling and Helena. After lunch we got an introduction to the coursework (Journals and our culture project). When the last lesson was done, our host mother picked us up and we walked home.


Tuesday 17th May 2016

Today we had to wake up at 7:30am and eat breakfast at 8am. Today both Nadja and our host mother had birthday. We gave a present to her before we left the house at 8:30am and walked to the university on our own. We learned how to write good research questionnaires. At 12:50 we had to take a group photograph. After lunch we learn about finance, which were interesting although we already knew the most of the things the teacher Ian Money told us. After the lessons were over, the whole class walked to York City Centre because we were going to celebrate Mike and Nadja’s birthday. After we ate dinner at Pizza Hut, we got the bus home.


Wednesday 18th May 2016

Today we had to wake up at 7:30am and eat breakfast at 8am. We left the house at 8:30am. We met at Derwent reception because we had to get the bus to the Law and Management school in Heslington East. At the Law and Management school we learn about ‘Big Data’ in Marketing by Hector Gonzalez Jiminez. We got an introduction to the University of York and the Management school by Jocelyn Haynes. At 2:15pm we attended a tea party with other students from the University of York. Our class make a presentation about Danish culture and ‘hygge’ (coziness). In the evening we visited Mike and Anton and their host family to see their new puppies.


Thursday 19th May 2016

Today our class were going to the Railway museum at 11am. Nadja and I left the house at 10am and we went over to Mike and Anton, so we could go together to the museum. After we finished at the museum, we went to get lunch and went to some stores. In the evening we were invited to dinner with Mike and Anton’s host family at a restaurant. After dinner we went to a supermarket with them and they also invited us to come home with them. We held their puppies and talked a lot with the family.


Friday 20th May 2016

Today our class were going to York Minster at 11am. Our host family were going to leave the house at 8:30am so Mike and Anton agreed that Nadja and I could come home to them in the morning. At the York Minster we walked all the way up in one of the towers, 275 steps. We had lunch after we left the Minster. Nadja and I went home at 2pm but there was no one at home so we had to wait approximately 2 hours before we could get into the house and relax.


Saturday 21st May 2016

We got up late, around 11:30. We ate breakfast while we watched the news and weather. Our host family had planned that we should go for a walk with the dog for an hour in the afternoon together, but it started to rain so we stayed home instead. In the evening we saw football together with the host family and got pizza for dinner.


Sunday 22nd May 2016

Today the whole class went to York City Centre and walked on the walls. We also shopped a bit and then they returned home to our host family. Nadja and I packed our suitcases because Monday are we going to stay on the campus in the Franklin House.


Monday 23rd May 2016

Today we packed our last stuff because we were going to move to the Franklin house at the university campus after the classes. The first lesson was about football and finance and in the 2 other lesson we learned about how to make a good presentation and seminar questions. We got our rooms at the Franklin house and got settled.


Tuesday 24th May 2016

We started eating breakfast together at 8am. Today we went to Whitby and a small stop at Goathland. Whitby was really nice and it was interesting to see a seaside town. We saw the ruins of Whitby Abbey, the beach and the town. We got fish and chips at the Magpie café. It was really delicious but it did cost £10.25, which the school payed. At Goathland we saw a stream train. It was a really great trip.


Wednesday 25th May 2016

Today we did our final presentation today. The 4 groups did their presentation and seminars. It was really interesting to hear what they had researched. We did the evaluation both for our course and homestay at the host families. After the lessons we went home to Franklin house and relaxed.


Thursday 26th May 2016

Today we went to York Castle museum. It was really interesting to see. We went shopping and enjoying our last day at York.


Friday 27th May 2016

Today we left York and travel by bus to Manchester. We got our rooms at the hotel Stay Inn and we went to the shopping Centre Arndale. At the evening the whole class has dinner at a Thai restaurant.


Saturday 28th May 2016

Today we went to the National football museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. I am not interested in football but it interesting to see the museum. At the evening the whole class went to a Chinese restaurant. When we got home I packed my suitcase and got ready to travel home tomorrow.


Sunday 29th May 2016

Today we were going home. We had breakfast at 9:30am, then we packed the last things and checked out of the rooms at approximately 11:30am. We went to the last trip to the Centre and did our last shopping. We went to the Manchester Airport by taxies at 3pm. The scheduled departure was at 6:35pm, so we landed in Copenhagen at approximately 9:30pm. We got our suitcases and we said goodbye then we went home after a long, but really good trip.