Mads D. Sonne



Today was the day of departure. Where we met at CPH airport in Terminal 2 at 7:10 pm, then was it a flight to Luton airport where we were picked up by Craig and he drove us to Portland College where we arrived about 2:00 pm at night where we were welcomed and then showed our rooms. It did not take long for us to sleep.




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Today was an introduction day, where we were greeted welcome by Kadri, and we got a guided tour at the school where we saw their animals, they had hens, goats, pigs. When after we were finish with the meeting, were we went to Mansfield to buy dinner and bus tickets. But it did become a wet trip. On the midway became it to rain and there was only one there had the umbrella with her. We also greeted the other exchanges student that lived at school; they came from Estonia, Finland and Germany






Today was it our first day in the kitchen, after we did greeted on the staff and David, some was our mentor. Were we set to make a stand, where we had to make some smoothies tastings and advertise about health. To a event Thursday morning. So we went to find recipes and sort them

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Today was used to plan the last of the stand, where we did have things like eat less salt, more vegetables. We also got tried our smoothies. To find out what we were going to serve. There was one with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, one with strawberries and coconut. We also got the most of the stand up.

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Today we met at 6:00 AM when we had to get ready for 7:00 AM when people came for breakfast. These are people was the sponsors of the school. We were also ready when the students had breaks so they could also taste the smoothies. After we had finished the cleaning after the stand and did we kept a little break. A man from rational came, and he showed us how their ovens can be used. Several different meals were prepared in the oven. For example, bacon, speck eggs, potatoes, prawns, pasta, roasts beef and much more. It was interesting to see how much the oven could be used for. Because we have the same ovens home in Denmark at our school. We got free about 4:30 pm. In the evening we went out into town and to enjoy ourselves a little.

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Today we had been free, because when we had worked over some of the other days. So we went to Nottingham. Where we did see “City of Caves”, we also saw some well-known stores from Denmark, like tiger, H & M and Søstrene Grene. There was a little bit of shopping and enjoying.

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Today we went to London where we were picked up at 7:00 AM and went to the Embankment at Westminister. We had been the all day for ourselves, we were inside and seeing various shops and we were in a patisserie as there was one who would like a student place in there. We also saw the difference between the center and the outskirts of the city. We were in a four floors M & M’s building, where there were almost all the colors you can imagine in M & M’s. We were inside and see the London dungeon as there is a place where some of London’s horror stories like Jack the ripper, the plague, and torture gear and Sweeney Todd and Miss Lovett. Then we went out and ate at a pub where we got some good steaks. On the way back to the bus we did go the in direction. But got help from a homeless person.

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Today we used to relax and tonight we went out and ate. After we had eaten we went out into town and ended up at a karaoke bar. Where Line and Michael did sing, it was fun to see them sing. Around 1:00 am we took a cap home.

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Today was first may and that is a holiday. So we could do what we want to. I was shopping and shopping for dinner. Otherwise, the day was spent at Portland College, where little homework was done, played cards with them from Estonia.

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Today we started finding a dish to the healthy bar. Some we were going to serve the day after, me and Sisse found out to make chicken breast with couscous salad and roasted potatoes. We also made price calculations on the court as they have a tight budget to hold. We ended the day by improving what we could for the day after.

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Today we made chicken with couscous salad, in the kitchen. It seemed like it was a success, even though we had changed their potato with a different kind. But it’s too expensive for them to cook that kind of food every day. One serving cost about 1.3 pounds to produce and their budget per day is about 3-4 pounds, for three meals + a dessert.

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Today was our last day in the kitchen. We did made chili sin carne with salad and fish. We should find out to make something with the things they had in the kitchen. It was quite fun because they did not always have what to use and we had to think alternatively. When we were done we said goodbye to the staff and David and we got a little gift from them. Some thanks to us have been there.

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Today was our last full day in England. We ate lunch at West Nottinghamshire College, because the school had invited us for lunch. We ate with Kadri and her boss. After we had eaten, did we present about our stay in England and what we had made there to Kadri. In the evening we was all went out and ate at a restaurant. Some of the people did stay in the city to get the last for Mansfield. I came home around at 1:30 am the last were home at 4-5 am

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Today was home travel day. We were picked up at 06:15 at Portland College and drove to the airport by Craig. We landed in Copenhagen airport at 14:15. We said goodbye to each other and went out to those who picked us up. I was picked up by my grandmother and grandfather.

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