Sunday the 29th:

We meet at Copenhagen airport because we are going on a school trip to england where we are going to be fused with a english class. The purpose of this tour is that we will learn about english culture and to integrate into a class from another country. We had a flight tour on approximately 2 hours, we landed in Birmingham and after that whe drove to mansfield that is the name of the city we are going to live in, we arrived at  Portland college that is the name of the place we are going to stay at. After we have had some time to unpack we went into mansfield to get some dinner, and after that we went straight straight home and then we went to sleep.


Monday the 30th:

Monday morning went okay I had not slept very well because my window broke so it had been open all night and it was freezing out there, we took the bus to school. At the school we needed to wait until our event coordinator trudy came to give a introduction about the place we are going to school at. After our little meeting with trudy we got shown around at the school by one of the student, after the tour we had a break. After the break we were headed to one of the classes where the class we are going to work with were holding a presentation on a project that they had been working on after that we were free and we just went home to relax.


Tuesday the 31st:

Tuesday we had english we were discussing differing newspapers in the class and how the two newspapers writes the same story different. After english we had a short break, and after that we were going to present our self in front of the english students whom which  class we are participating in after the introduction we had a quick break. After the break we were set to make internet cables, it was kind of our class vs the other class and we won, we had made the most cables.


Wednesday the 1st:

So today we were going on a trip to Manchester Stadium to get a tour with a few classes. I thought we were going to see some IT systems on the tour but we didn’t either because we were late or because they wouldn’t show them. After that we were going to an arcade club it was funny to spent time there and we had fun there. On the way back I did not sit  next to my friends but they were placed in the seats around me and we talked together on the ride back to school.


Thursday the 2nd:

Thursday we had a day off originally we were going to nottingham but one of our teachers that first would arrive in the weekend wanted to came 2 so we just postpone the trip other than that i did not do anything other then relax and hang with the others from Denmark.

Friday the the 3th:

Today we are doing something about employ ability, that we took while we were on West Nottinghamshire College, we were going to take a “personality test” that would tell us about our strengths and weaknesses, so we could focus more on the strong parts instead of the weak part. It could also be good when you are applying for a job. We went to Hotel 281 after we had been on the college, where we could get some tea and some small bites to eat to celebrate our teacher coming to england.


Saturday the 4th:

Saturday we went to nottingham where we saw the Caves and the Galleries of justice, we decided not to see the nottingham castle instead we ate at a nice pub where I got a pretty good burger. After we had seen all the thing me and two of my friends went home by our self but we did make some stops at a couple of shops on our way to the bus.


Sunday the 5th:

We had sunday off but we made a deal that we should see the bonfire night together so we gathered up at four o’clock and sadly Katie said goodbye to us at this point. Together with Tore we went further into Mansfield to where the stadium is, because it was there the bonfire was happening. When we arrived we decided that we did not want to anticipate so we just went into the old Mansfield instead. after reaching the center of the old mansfield we splitted up into our main groups because we went out to get something to eat. After we had eaten we went straight home.


Monday the 6th:

Today we worked on the CV and personality test it was getting a little boring, but nothing too much, because I liked working on the personality test to find out more about my strengths and my weaknesses. Even though I like the other classes too then this was fun work to do.


Tuesday the 7th:

We started out with english like last week and the main task for today was to see if there had been any development in the stories from last week. We are still working on our CV and I think I did some progress but I’m not really sure about it. Later on that day we went to a distribution and repair center it was called “Knowhow” they was sending products out to some companies and customers. Repairing electric equipment for customers. They had 2 major building on the ground floor and one big repair center on the 1st floor.


Wednesday the 8th:

Today we worked on our CV again, after we have work on it for a while it was getting boring, but I still worked on it, it could be fun sometimes to work on the CV but like today it was getting boring, I hope I’m doing some progress on it by now.


Thursday the 9th:

Today we presented on the work that we did about the things we had done in the employability that we have done the weeks we have been here. We went to another room where we should strip down a computer and rebuild it again where it was timed, I did it faster than the others there was doing it, I was happy about that, but I have tried it a couple of times before. Then it came to the evening we were going on Refined dining, it is a fine restaurant that West Nottinghamshire college are running.


Friday the 10th:

Today i did nothing really the only thing i did was to clean up my room and pack my stuff other then that I just went to the school with my access card and then went downtown to buy food after I came home from that I just relaxed.


Saturday the 11th:

I woke up early at 5 o’clock and i was tired mostly because i had only gotten 2 hours sleep there was an hour left we would get picked up at 6 after we got picked up we drove straight to Birmingham airport so that we could get the plane back to Copenhagen after the 2 hour long trip i finally landed in copenhagen after I had gotten my luggage i said farewell to my friend and teacher. Then i headed out to find my girlfriend and 2 of my friend that have been waiting on me.