Antwerpen, Belgien d. 12/2 - 23/2/2024

I was in Belgium where I worked in a film/music studio. I was tasked with making software instruments for the surround sound studio. I also helped recording voice overs for commercials.

The first picture is a picture of myself in the kitchen of the house the studio was built in. The studio was outfitted with rack synthesizes, mixing gear, microphones and 2 big screens that could host anything needed in each given moment.

In my free time I explored Kortrijk, made instruments, and spend time in other music studios in the area, like at the conservatory.



 I was getting used to Dimitri who was my boss and now I had to meet a new guy. Lutte was a director who was shooting a commercial for an organization. We had to travel to an apartment complex to record two actors. One of them had broken a leg so we had to make a temporary studio. Lutte was very professional at instructing the actors and it was great seeing this degree of communication.

Dimitri, my boss was also a cool character. He was skilled in many crafts and a great boss. He is a musician himself

so the first day I was supposed to meet him, I couldn’t because we were playing at a nightclub in Kyiv, Ukraine. While making the software I learned a lot about working with a boss’s vision in mind, which made the process a little bit harder. I got better at setting up temporary recording sets, whichis helpful unexpected situations.