Lübeck. Tyskland 14. oktober - 4. november 2022

KO15 Lebenshof is a new farm started this year, so there was alot to do, as the plan was building it first, then move in the animals but plans dont always follow the plans, so the animals was moved in august, so only the raw base was done with the animal pens, the dog kennels, and the more then 1 km fences around the property, preventing the animals to escape and wildlife to get in, among others wild boars, as there is presently problems with swine plaque in parts of Germany, moved around by wild boars.

The focus is to help animals live a good life, build an shop with own and local produce, and have places for turists that wants to explore the world of animal welfare.

An old farm that was used as an traktor repairshop, so all the animal pens was to be build anew, and in the main house all the kennels was build and and 2 apartments made and a kitchen and meeting area until the new kitchen, office and meeting area is build between the animal pens and the upcoming shop, which began the day I left.

The new farm animal pens.

The new Mainhouse area for the new kennel and the temperary kitchen.

Outdoor pens being built, beginning og the cow fields. 

           The farm before

There was alot to do, a list of jobs I did and/or helped with.

Finishing the roof on the main house with help from professional roofers. Which made i very clear for me that im not a roof gazelle ;).

Securing the doors to the kennel with deeply buried stones planted in cement to avoid digging under, and the sides with a earth wall. 5 doors was secured and about 100 meters of earthwall made.

Making 2 extra smaller kennels.

Repairing parts of the outer fence, which runs more than 1 km around the property’s borders, around an electrical tower, and with more earthwalls, which in the new year will be grass filled and strong.

Preparing and clearing a patch in the backend of the property for a tiny house, moving a lot of logs and cutting them into a size that could be stacked for drying, so they are ready as firewood next year.

And moving the tiny house into place and making a solid foundation for it.

Begin building 10 barndoors for the animal pens, which should begin being installed the weekend I left.

Clearing a part that will be the farm area for fresh produce, so far on strawberrys was planted, the rest will be in the spring, with tomatoes, hokkaido, potatoes and the likes.

Put up an extra safety fence in the big pigs area, those big boys slightly bend the normal fences by sleeping up against it and digging under the base – also with swine plague beginning to spread in Germany safety measures are put up and the fence will count as a extra safety measure for that aswell.

Making a walkway from one of the kennels that’s on the outskirts and have an entrance at the moment on a muddy slope, with old reused wood .In the new year a whole new leveled and fixed area with an even way between the kennel and the barn for the horses and good walkways.

Helping feed the animals – mostly the cows, sheeps, rams and donkeys and my naboes, the raccons, a couple of little sweet tricksters. Not normally anything in my area of work, which most wasnt, Im normally to be more maintainance where everything here was more beginning, which would normally only be gardens and playgrounds where that would happen, but here it was more a good mix of things, a good start for something that will be fantastic and for sure changed my view of what my education can be used for.

New inside walls for the pigs.


The donkey pen.

Walkway to the normal small kennel a mudslide until it will be made next year, raised and connecting the kenels and the horse pens. 

Earthwall for the kennels with nature stones on the inside to stop digging. 

One of my nabours washing the morning meal, the daily morning apple that made a very good friend. 

One of the sheep groups 

the 3 big swines. 

The bigger outdoor kennels, 3 in total. 

All in all a very good internship, with a group of people that was superb and a lot of friends of the place that together made it a fantastic stay. they will have openings for most types of craftsmen the coming years as there´s lots more to be build, animal keepers, foresters and besides the owners have a nice hotel in Lubeck for hotel/turism student ko15.de .

There was just 2 fulltime employes atm, the housemeister/handyman I was under, and the animal guardian, the rest is the owners, the family and friends until more will be made ready and the place will become a safe heaven for animals and a place for people to come help, see and learn about animal welfare, eco and vegan farming. Whats not to like.

That was my 3 weeks in my personal heaven.