Sunday the 29th:

When we arrived in Birmingham, the bus driver wasn’t there, so we had to wait for almost an hour for him to get there. After we had dropped off our baggage at Portland College, we set out to get something to eat, we walked for 5 km to get to a restaurant in Mansfield. Back at the College, we found out the toilets where clocked, the showers had little water pressure, the bed was very springy and the Wi-fi speed was very slow.

Monday the 30th

It was our first day at WNC in Mansfield. We were handed the Wi-fi passwords of the week for the guest network, it seemed a little strange that there were 5 passwords, one password for each day. Although it is most likely for a security reason. – it wouldn’t be great if someone harmful had access. We had a few lessons where we got to learn about some of the other students, and learn a little about their education system, and the student’s hobbies and if they had jobs or not.

Tuesday the 31st

Second day at WNC. It started out great, we went to College and it was fine, then came the first break. We were a little hungry, so we bought something to eat, we didn’t keep track of the time, so we got in late for the class, and our teacher was furious – turns out that the English are very strict when it’s about meeting in class in time. Some of us had Pizza for dinner, and the others I don’t know.

Wednesday the 1st

Wednesday, we went to Manchester with WNC, we got a tour around Manchester United Stadium. After that we went to an Arcade filled with retro games, such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Racing games, shooters and many more. We were told it would be a trip to see the IT systems in Manchester, but we didn’t see much of that. We got home to Portland late, so we ordered in.

Thursday the 2nd

Thursday, we were free from WNC, so some of us went to Nottingham, we couldn’t find what we were looking for, so we agreed that we would return after doing some research on the place. Katie, Jeannie and I found a small Café, where we could get a cup of coffee. We also found a little shop with all the stuff a little geek would appreciate. We were also in an inn called ͞ye olde trip to Jerusalem͟, which is the oldest inn in England.

Friday the 3rd

We were tasked with filling out a skills health check at WNC. We met with Tore after school for afternoon tea, I think some of the guys didn’t like the tea, because the put 5 tea-spoons of sugar in it, they were more up to the idea that they could have a bear, so we had a pint as well. We then went on a walk in Mansfield town on sightseeing and somehow ended up in a pub.

Saturday the 4th

We already had plans to got to Nottingham, so we rounded up the squad, and we took the bus to Nottingham. I found a cheap Longboard that I would have liked to own, but I couldn’t reach it at the shop and I thought it would be a hassle to bring aboard the plane home, So I didn’t buy it.

Sunday the 5th

Sunday, we met at the local pub ͞the Talbot͟ with Tore and the guys, we watched some of a game of ball that was on the tele. A little later Katie showed up to say a few words, and then she said goodbye, because she was going home in the morning. We then took a walk in Mansfield, I ate at McDonald’s with Jesper and Mads.

Monday the 6th

We continued our personality check, employability check and a skill check at WNC. We were put on a team to help them build a Lego Mindstorm project, some were more enthusiastic than others. We also waited in front of the door to the classroom because it was locked for some security reason I would imagine.

Tuesday the 7th

we went to Team Knowhow, which is a large warehouse full of electronics, it was a distribution repair center, so we got a tour around the warehouse, we got to see a lot of stuff, how the place worked, he told us that the employees that are driving forklifts are honking the horn every time they take a turn, for safety reasons, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures, while there. After a security check we then went home to Mansfield. Some of us had a stroll through the town and ended up eating at Pizza-Hut.

Wednesday the 8th

We had an appointment with Trudy that we could see the VR room and try their HTC Vive headset. So, we had a go at the VR, with a guy named Sam. It was a lot of fun especially the game where you had to shoot some little guys who was storming a castle, with a bow and arrow. We also got the weeks passwords for the Wi-Fi. I got something to eat for dinner at Tesco

Thursday the 9th

We met with Trudy and Cadri, at WNC for evaluation, we had prepared a presentation. From our employability and CV. We got our diplomas for participation. When we got free Tore, Jeannie and I walked through town to look at shops, I found a toy shop where they had longboards, but none of them was adult sized. Later we had an appointment for the ͞Refined͟ Restaurant at WNC. They had great food, on large empty plates.

Friday the 10th

We spent the day packing and watching movies, though some of group went out, Tore and Jeannie went to Sherwood Forest, Simon went to Nottingham and Filip and Martin got weird and went to WNC. We ordered pizza from a place called Sherwood something, and the pizza from that place was not that great. We also watched a Movie (John Wick 2). And Jesper decided to do an all-nighter.

Saturday the 11th

Saturday, it time to go home to Denmark again. We got up a little after 5 in the morning, Jesper did an all-nighter. The bus arrived at 6. and we had to wait for Tore to get down to Portland, because he walked the whole way from where he was staying. We arrived in Birmingham after an hour or so of driving. We checked in at the reception, and went to where all the shops are, we then ate an expensive meal at Burger King in the airport. Later the gate was called, so we rushed to where it was. We boarded a very little plane with only 4 seats in a row, but we had a good flight home although it was very windy.