April 24th.
Today we have been to information meeting. Where we should meet at 9.
We were out to see farm animals, just as fast. A place that lay right next to where we live.
Then we went into a meeting room where there was tea, coffee and muffins. There we got a
lot of information widening around, how different things were, and the different prices on
travel. And where we should meet the next day, ie Tuesday. After that we had such free
Where some of us went down to shop for dinner and dinner for the other days. We chose to
make a burger and we all ate together at. 20. How Mette just reviewed the various things
that had been said to the information meeting with us.


April 25th
Today I met at 7 o’clock where I should follow a lady. I was put to vacuum, remove dust and
spider tissue, wipe off and wash the floor. Afterwards we cleaned the restrooms to the
disabled residents, here we dried the laundry and bathed, cleaned the toilet and washed the
After lunch break I was going to clean the toilet and bath over the house where we live.
All the staff I met along the way were really sweet and accommodating. They were good at
taking into account that I was not so good at English. They talked slowly to me and would
like to put things in cardboard. And repeated themselves if that was what I needed.
I got free at 14.00.
At 4:00 pm I went to Mansfield with some of the others, we acted in for a common dinner
where we made burgers.
I noticed some cleaning methods from Danish to English. Among other things, the
Englishans use warm water, where we Danes use cold. They used the same cloths and
gloves for different toilets, where we Danes change all the time.
Besides that, they used a lot of perfumes with a lot of cleaners. Where we in Denmark use

April 26th.
Today I met again at. 7. I cleaned the same places as yesterday, followed the same lady,
called Sue. She was really sweet and helpful, and repeatedly repeated things if I did not
understand what she said.
I was very surprised about the culture difference. In Denmark you are not as friendly as you
are in England, I was asked every 15 minutes. If i was okay. In Denmark, you only ask if you
look sad, sick or something like that. Also when we left the bus, the bus manager said thank
you, that should usually be us who said thank you. But in Denmark it is rare to say
something to each other on the bus.
I had a free time at 14:00, again today. And when I was free I went in and took a nap until
17, where the others came home. Here we ate our own dinner, but sat together and ate.
Afterwards we played a little short, sat and talked, etc.

D. April 27th
Today I met 7 o’clock again and had a free time at 14 again.
I did exactly the same as the other 2 days, but that was fine enough, because it was nice
After I left, I took a nap in 2 hours, and when the others came home we went out and ate,
and later we went to the pop. We started drinking a little on Talbot and later we were in a
disco I can not remember what’s called. We were a few pieces who took a taxi home at.
24:00, while some became and fasted on.

April 28th
Today I met at. 7, and had at 12.15.
I poured cleanly into workplaces where I vacuumed, dried the border and changed garbage
bags. And then I wrote bedding in the rooms where we slept.
When I was off I went back to sleep, I thought it was really hard after a couple of days, and
my parents hurt a lot. That’s why it had become a habit that I just had a dinner slumber. But
that was really exciting.
Today, I did not do anything but talk to the others and sleep, we were completely finished
after yesterday’s druktur.

April 29th
Today we were picked up at 7am and drove to London. In London, I and some others went
around and shopping. I did not go inside and see some of the famous tourist attractions, as it
does not tell me so much and nothing I would pay so much money for. We ate lunch on a
kebab and dinner on the subway.
We were driven home again at 21, and were well tired.

D. April 30th
Today, Julie, Christopher and I were up and made a tattoo in Mansfield, it took just 4 hours
before we all 3 were finished. That meant we should have been out and drink. But I was just
too tired, and it’s not so good to drink when you have a whole new tattoo.
May 1st
Today we were a few who went to Mansfield and bought a little. We went to the pizza slice
and ate dinner.

May 2nd.
Today I met at 7 o’clock where I should follow a lady. I was put to vacuum, remove dust and
spider tissue and dry off, we cleaned the school where they were in disabilities, in the
classrooms, hallways and toilets. We also cleaned the rooms in which the disabled people
lived. She took the restrooms in the rooms, and I vacuumed, dried the boundaries and
changed the rubbish bins.
She was really sweet, I followed her, but it was a little hard to understand her once in a
while. She was not so good at cutting things out of cardboard, as Sue was. But she was
sweet, there was nothing at all.
Jg got off at 11:30, went straight to bed when I woke up, I took a bath and ate some food, sat
and talked with the others a little. And then went to bed again.

D. May 3rd
Today I met at. 7. Today I should follow another lady, as Chrisopher had learned to say
thank you in Danish. And I should then teach her to apologize in Danish, but we work, she
was really sweet and was good at cutting things out in cardboard for me.
When I got off, Julie, Sisse and I went to another tattoo shop. To order a new time to make a
tattoo. He had time for mine right away. But Sisse and Julie had to wait for the following day.

May 4th.
Today I was very sick, so do not get to work and just lay in bed for most of the day. Just go
out and eat a couple of times.

May 5th.
We got up at 7, and left to ride at 7:30, we took the bus to Mansfield, where we took a taxi
from there. We just rode around the woods until noon. 11:00
Then we went out and eat where Line had worked. Afterwards, I took some other homes and
made us ready for the evening. Where we were out and eat and afterward went to town and
kept it running until we were home. D.6 at 6:15 pm