Day 1 – Monday 16 May

The First day we went to the university to get some introduction for the trip and then they gave us a tour around the University Of York.


Day 2 – Tuesday 17 May 2016

Day 2 we also went to the University Of York to get some lessons and get a introduction to our project we will work on the next couple of days.


Day 3 – Wednesday 18 May 2016

Day 3 we went to the Law and Management College, there we got some presentation about the college and in the end we got a tour around. We took the bus back to Derwent College and there have we an International Conversation with some students from the University. And we also make a presentation about Danish “Hygge” for the students.


Day 4 – Th ursday 19 May 2016

Day 4 we had no tuition, so we went to the Railway Museum in York City Centre


Day 5 – Friday 20 May 2016

Day 5 we had no tuition either, so we went to the York Minister and then we walked 275 steps to get to the top of the York Minister Tower.


Day 6 – Saturday 21 May 2016

Day 6 we woke up late, we ate some delicious English breakfast, and then we start packing for our moving to the University, at the afternoon we watching football with the family, and after the match we ate some pizza.


Day 7 – Sunday 22 May 2016

We took to the city and then we walk around the city wall, and it was quite nice. Then we took home and ate with the family, and started to pack our stuff. After that we went to the living room to watch some television with the whole family.


Day 8 – Monday 23 May 2016

We woke up early to eat some breakfast with the children of the family, and after that our host mom drove us to Derwent College Reception with our bags. Today we also got lessons in “presentation skills” we learned a lot about how to do the best presentation. After the todays lessons we got our new room at Franklin House, and it is like staying at a hotel.


Day 9 – Tuesday 24 May 2016

The whole class went to Whitby Harbour, where we walked at the beach and visiting a church.


Day 10 – Wednesday 25 May 2016

The class and I made a presentation about different topics, Tudor and our teacher was there under all the presentation, and in the end of the presentation we some similar questions the whole class has to discus.


Day 11 – Thursday 26 May 2016

We went to a museum and in the evening we had a “goodbye party” with our host family and all the tutors and our teacher.


Day 12 – Friday 27 May 2016

We took with the bus to Manchester, and in the evening we went on a thai restaurant where we got some delicious food.


Day 13 – Saturday 28 May 2016

We went to the national football museum and a science museum, and in the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant with buffet.


Day 14 – Sunday 29 May 2016

We took a taxa to the airport and then we were flying home to Denmark again.


Nadja Vielsted Jensen