Sunday 29/10:

I arrived at the airport around 9:15. There i met the rest of the class, got my baggage checked in. We all then got through security, without any incidents. After we got through security, all agreed that we wwe ould meet at the gate, and that we would split up. I spent most of the time just walking around the airport, just waiting for the time to passe. After waiting i joined my class at the gate. at 12:30 we flew to birmingham airport. we arrived at the airport at around 14:00 local time. the bus was late, so we had to wait. we the bus arrived at around 14:45  We got on the bus, and arrived at portland college around 16:15. After we arrived we out to eat, after eating i went back to college, and went to bed.


Monday 30/10;


The day started with a meeting, where we were told college’s rules of conduct. We were then shown a movie about colleges achievement. After we saw the film, we were shown around by a student called Jac. He lead us around, and showed us: the college’s cantines, the library, the gym and auditorium. After Jac had showed us around the college, we were able to join a math class, which already was in session. After the math class was finished, we joined a another class. in this class, we saw a presentation, the presentations were about a project where the class had to build a robot in lego mindstorm and were asked to give feedback on how well the Students presentations were, and how well they were dressed. After the presentations, we helped the students to make the robot in lego mindstorm. when class was done, i went back to the college.


Thuesday 31/10

The class we had was english, were we talked about how different newspapers wrote about the same story. We also introduced ourselves to some english students from west notts. When english class was done, we joined the lego mindstorm class from yesterday. Where we introduced ourselves formally to the class. I told a little bit about myself. After we all introduced ourselves, we talked with the students. in the next class we told that were to make ethernet cables. which we did. After classed was finished, i went out to eat. Then i went home


Wednesday 1/11

This day, we took a trip to manchester stadium, unfortunately we arrived late, and were therefore unable to see the it-systems they use in the stadium, as were supposed to. We were shown around the stadium. After the the guided tour, we went to a arcade, which was very fun. After we were done in the arcade, we went home.


Thursday 2/11

We didn’t go to nottingham this day, as our teacher Tore, really wanted to go to nottingham. instead we had the day off. i spent most of the day in my room, but i spent a few hours exploring mansfield.


Firday 3/11

in the first class, we saw a presentation we were told what potential employers looks for in a job application. We also had to act out a potential job interview, we were had to rate each other. furthermore we also had to take the skill health check at the national careers service. We also had to make a presentation, where we presented our skills.


Saturday 4/11

We spent the most this in nottingham, were saw the national justice museum

we also saw nottingham castle. After had saw this, where free to wander around nottingham in small groups. I went home, with a group.


Sunday 5/11

I spent most of the day in my room, sleeping. I woke up around 14:30. in the evening we were supposed to see the bonfire night. We decide however, that it was too expensive. so we went out to eat instead.



Monday. 6/11

This day i continued to work on skill health check, and on presentation. In last lesson, the class was split up, and assigned groups. We were suppose to help build the lego mindstorm robots.  I helped with building and designing, one of the robots.


Tuesday 7/11

In english, we continued our discussion from the last lesson. How newspapers in the united kingdom have different biases. We also visited a workplace, were Items were shipped from.


Wednesday 8/11 + thursday 9/11

Unfortunately, i had bad chase of migraine these days. was therefore not in school these days. i spent the most of days in bed.


Friday 10/11

i went to nottingham, where i explored the centre of nottingham. i also brought some gifts for my mom, a mug and dad, and my brother.


Saturday 11/11

We left portland college early, around 06:00 in the morning. we arrived at birmingham airport. we checked in our luggage, and got through security without incident. i brought some breakfast. waited for our plane to arrive . i spent most of time on plane reading. we arrived at copenhagen airport, and i was greeted by my dad