Sunday 05/14: We left Denmark by airplane. At the airport, me and some of my friends misunderstood the boarding time and the time we left, which means we nearly didn´t made it. When we arrived a bus was waiting, and the bus ride was about 3 hours. We arrived late at the university, where the families picked us up. My family was late, but they were still nice.

Monday 05/15: We got breakfast and then the mother drove us to school. The first day we met our teacher, his name was Tudor, and his was nice as well. We first got the introductions, and then we got a tour around campus. Then we were taught about the school’s safety rules. Then we had a lecture in culture and issues when two cultures meet. When we were done the family picked us up.

Tuesday 05/16: Today we walked to school ourselves. The first lesson was about team work and leadership, where I got confirmed which type I was, which is the leader type. After that we something about culture again just like yesterday. Then there was a lecture from the university, who told us about finance and football. When the school was done I walked around the city with my friends.

Wednesday 05/17: The school was first about creative problem solving, where we they taught us how to solve problems in creative ways. Then we had something about marketing, then we had something about communication skills, and last, we had to meet with some of the universities students. I Learned something new about china and their culture from one of the students.

Thursday 05/18: We had to meet with our teachers at an old ruin, then we had to walk around on the city walk, which was a long walk, but it had a magnificent view, when we were done we had to complete some tasks around the city, where we had to take pictures of ourselves in front of stuff. At the end of the day we were at an end of course reception at the school.

Friday 05/19: We had to meet the teacher at the York minister, we were then sent us into the city to complete the tasks from yesterday. We manage to complete most of the tasks. We also had to take care of our own lunch. When we met again it was in the minister where we got a tour, it was very big and had a lot of good stories.

Saturday 05/20: We had to leave very early to Portsmouth, the train took about 6 hours on trains. It was boring. We were then picked up by cap, who drove us to our new host family, my family wasn´t that good, our had damp and no one in the house talked English. We therefore walked to the city to see the nightlife.

Sunday 05/21: We had to meet at the IBD to talk about the program. Then we got a tour around the Portsmouth. She showed us where everything was, and then William and I saw where we were going to work the next day. We then later went to the city, because we now knew the bus routes.

Monday 05/22: We were introduced to our working places, we meet a nice lady at our working place, her name was cathine. She showed us were all the shoes were, because we were working in a women shoe store. When we came home we were transferred to a hotel, because the family wasn´t okay.


Tuesday 05/23: We woke up in the hotel, it was nice and there was good breakfast, I then met to work at 12:00, where I met the boss Julius. He was nice. At the afternoon, we ate dinner at a fancy place at the harbor.

Wednesday 05/24: Today we went to work and helped customers. It was just like the days before. When we were done we went to a quiz at the IBD, we thought we had to come, but we later found out it was optional. But before coming there we were moved to a new family, they were nice.

Thursday 05/25: Today we pretty much did the same as yesterday, we worked. But after we went to the city and ate dinner, it was just like any other day.

Friday 05/26: Today we arrived earlier, because we had to be at the IBD at 2 o´clock to get our diploma for being on the program. Today we organized some of the things to do your nails with. It was different. When we had got our diploma, we had some spare time, so we went to the city. When we got home we packed our stuff, cause we had to leave Saturday.

Saturday 05/27: Today we left the family early, because we were going home. First we had to take a bus to the airport, then we took the plane home, then we got our bag and drove home.