Sunday the 29th:
Today we all meet in the airport, at 09.00.
Our flight was at 12.30, so for 3 hours I was enjoying a hot coffee with Chris and Jesper.
At 12.30 we take off and went to the sky.
Jesper and I played pool on my iPad the whole flight.
When we landed everything went great. Except that our bus driver wasn’t there and didn’t pick up his phone. We nearly waited for an hour, when a man just stands behind us. A man who had walked past us 10 times. but this time he had a sign saying “ZBC”. We arrived at Portland college. And sorry to say the standards here is not good. Everything Is broken.

Monday the 30th
Today we had our first day of school at West Notts
We had a student as a guide, to show us the school and the most important rooms.
Then we joined a math class.
When the school ended, the guys and I, went to Sainsbury to shop.

At the point, we got back home to Portland College, we prepared our dinner.

The rest of the evening, we just talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

Tuesday the 31st
We started the day with the Portland College breakfast and I can only say that it’s the last time we go there.
At school we had our first English.

Our English class was fun. We read newspapers and discussed the difference in each paper.

The last class, we made cables and went down to see a Halloween show.

Wednesday the 1st
Today we were in Manchester to see united stadium. We got a guided tour and went to the united shop.
After that we drove to the arcade for two hours. That was a blast!
The bus trip in total was 4 hours.

When we got home, we relaxed and watched some tv.

Thursday the 2nd
Today we had the day off, because we moved our trip to Nottingham to Saturday.
The guys and I went to shopping and a workout.

I read a bit in my Harry Potter book.

Friday the 3th
Today at school we were doing some stuff about employ ability. Something we needed to our personality test, that locates our strengths and weaknesses. This project is to make a CV and a cover letter for a firm and by using a test to see who you are.
After school we all went to Katie’s hotel to meet with Tore. We all had afternoon tea with sandwiches and cake.

Saturday the 4th
Today we went to Nottingham. We all meet 10am and walked to the bus.
In Nottingham we started at the Caves and had a tour into them. It was amazing to see all that history at one location.
After we got out of the caves we went to see a museum, were we should see a “hanging”.

Later I got a picture of me beside Robin Hood.
I tried to find a Harry Potter shop, but apparently the city council had shut it down.

Sunday the 5th
Sunday morning, I decided to read further into my Harry Potter book while I did some laundry.

At 15 o’clock some of us meet with Tore, at The Talbot (a pub) we drank a beer and went to see the bonfire. When we arrived at the bonfire’s location, they had moved the starting time from 16 to 19. And we discovered that we had to pay 6pound each to enter.
So, we rather wanted to explore Mansfield City.

Monday the 6st
In school we started our skills task.

Later we joined the Scots class. They were building Lego robots. I got on a team. And they had no clue what they were doing, so ended up being me, who build the robot and gave them a design.

At the evening I felt ill, so I went early to bed.

Tuesday the 7nd
Today I got sent back home to Portland college, because I was sick all night, throwing up etc.
So, I slept for 2 hours, then worked on my task, we were given.
And did some laundry.
I should be ready again for school tomorrow.

Wednesday the 8th
Today at school the VR room was booked for us to try. The room were booked for 30min. but we stayed for 2 hours. I had a lot of fun trying the VR, it looked so real and felt I was in the room(game) or in the castle. I made the new high score in the spaceship game.
After our VR event, we went for lunch.
We later went into our classroom to continue the employ-ability project.

When school ended I was tired, so I went home to eat and early to bed.

Thursday the 9th
It was our last day at West Notts and today, we were going to present our employ-ability project
My presentation went O.K, I could have done better, but was complimented for my English. After the presentations, we all went to do a “race”. Who could disassemble a PC and build it again the fastest. I helped Chris a little which meant I came on 4th place.
We all got a certificate for being on West Notts and completed it.
At night we were booked into the Refined dinning located at West Notts College. The food was fantastic, and I had a wonderful evening.

Friday the 10th
Today I used the day to do the last laundry and pack my stuff back down, so I was ready to departure.
I also played some games on my PC with Chris.

I went for the four seasons.
It’s a shopping center. I had been in contact with some jewelry stores, trying to find a perfect ring for my girlfriend, so I could come home and ask her to marry me.

At night we saw a movie on Thomas PC and had dinner and we all went very early to bed, because we had to leave at 06.00 next morning.

Saturday the 11th
We got picked up at 06.00 at Portland college by our bus. I slept on the way to the airport.

We go on our plane and planned 1 hour and 20 later in Denmark.
I had some family to pick me up and later that night I went down on my knee and asked my girlfriend to become my soon to be wife. She said yes!

– This was the end of my trip to Mansfield, West Notts and Portland college. It was a very amazing experience.